Welcome, thanks for checking out this site. ThumperD plays original rock and roll music and a few covers.   Playing around Texas.

Little Bitty Titty- Live at the G.I.G.

(Public TV Interview)

Graverobber video at Nightrocker(labled Boogieman)

Little Bitty Titty Video at Nightrocker

A long time ago in a place far away, I saw the woman I would marry and raise a son with. She has passed, but this year he met his special person. And so I wrote this song in her memory for their wedding. "This is how I say (I love you)"

(I Love You.mp3)

(I Love You.wav)

She came into our family at about age 6, she was quiet, always paying attention. Showing intelligence. As usual the inquisitive ones get in trouble, she went through an idiot or two, they never knew what she was worth. She gave a lot and got little in return. She matured, dumped the losers, and moved on.

This first song is about her spirit."Fly"



The second is about her not looking back, "Bubba"



By special request from Adrian and Emily. (I may have names wrong, but I did remember the song. "Please"



Adding new recordings here

It's a beautiful world



For You



Some junk

Short video taste of Without Your Love guitar


DearSenators and Representatives, I will believe that you have my best interest at heart when your government payed retirement benefits are the same as my Social Security and Medicaid/Medicare

My baby sister created this montage for me for my birthday a couple of years ago. She's always been one of the best listeners to the stories I tell. Apparently she listened very well. Everything in this little video is related to something in my past. You probably won't recognize many of the musical or pictorial references, but rest assured that she has done her homeowrk. I hope you get even a little of the pleasure I got watching this video. She owns none of the photos or musical clips, so all copyrights belong to the persons/people/musicians in the clip.

Happy Birthday Brother


 A not so short Thumper Bio

Watching "Troubadour" remembering the good old days, hundreds of hours, thousand of miles with a backpack and a guitar, west coast, texas coast, east coast, open mics anywhere.

My thanks to all of the folks in the service who are protecting me and mine.  Whether at home, overseas or you?re going into life threatening situations, I will pray that all of you reach the end of your commitment safely.  Love, T.

Little Bitty Titty- Live at the G.I.G.

 Lyrics and stuff

One of my local favorites Trish Murphy

Things I really, really like:
The feeling I get when my roller skates and the music work together.
Sleeping on a sailboat.
On my motorcycle, coming out of the mountains into Montana from the west, into the sunrise, seeing 20 miles of open road ahead of me with no other traffic, and knowing what "Big Sky Country" really means.

The purpose of the tribe is to raise children. In the past the tribe needed the big ape up front. In return the big ape got the best food etc. The privilege of the big ape up front has been distorted to the point where people live in hundred thousand dollar homes while children sleep in the dirt, people worship in hundred thousand dollar churches while children starve.

The death penalty is not murder, it is genetic engineering by the masses. Gun control should mean that if you are involved in the commision of a crime in which a gun is used you get the death penalty. Before you can participate in a pro-life action you must adopt a child or pay for a childs education or house someone elses child. Government employee pensions should not allow persons to have an income greater than 10 times the poverty level. Insanity is not a defense for murder, murder is insane. Do your own genitic engineering, don't have children with greedy or self serving or mean people.

Tribal respect doesn't mean that you are respected by the tribe, it means that you respect the needs of the tribe and the members of the tribe.

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